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Adobe Reader Lite 9
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Adobe Reader Lite Shutter, this is the minimum version of Adobe’s popular PDF reader.

Although Adobe Reader is the original PDF Reader, many people believe that it should be added in the latest versions of any additional and new features, considered the best in its too slow and expanded. ThisIs a nice and reliable tool to see, and that’s why this version of Adobe has developed thatReader Free has decided to use as a base.

If you have Adobe Reader Adobe Reader Lite will always be the second nature. Open the application and import the PDF document within a few seconds. Adobe Reader Lite differsFrom the original, where it is difficult to determine, but it is safe to say that the application of the same tape, but with all the essential characteristics.

Or Adobe Reader Free By Adobe Support, the Duha really looks a little gray area. It’s also dangerous with little documentation and Adobe-specific resourcesReader Lite is missing. Likewise, it is difficult for everyone why a subparent version of the programPDF KSChange if using a switch and as a Fokit Reader alternative dedicated.

Reader Adobe Reader LiteAdobe much easier version of the classic, but still nothing to inspire.

Adobe reader KSI is officialPDF reader. It is integrated with sites and makes it easy to print and share documents kommentierenUnd. Important documents, forms and instructions for opening up to thousands.

All you need to read PDF files

Adobe classic TheReaderalati have not changed. Enlargement tools forProcessing is added in reading a new one, updating text notes to make it easier to tag tasks or notes to add more than one glass.

Thanks to the protected mode and other security measures, it is now much more open sichererFormulare and fill out PDF documents with complex objects.Adobe Reader Protected Mode berrianHalaber KSI, has features that protect your data.

Freeing the document in which you can send e-mail via AdobeSendNov via the service. Also, Adobe Reader integrates your online services, you can use some interesting features,But you will have an online account.

Easier to use

AlderatutaBertsioak is an older Adobe Reader KSI of its interface, which shows only the basic features of simplicity. Access to all functions, you only need to open the panel and menu.

Adobe reader KSI read in different ways,Such as the full Ornormal support screen. That means you can use it, with a touch-screen. Likewise, all the different features are very simple.

AdobeReader KSII has been much improved, as it became clear that the PDF Reader 9IT istGenug is a competitive alternative to other readers.

SThe other side is a little boring, especially when the old computer and browser integration will not be as good as it can be installed. Sometimes it is better to recall the reader already integrated.


Faster, more reliable, and easier Adobe Reader KSImage tool for opening and printingPDF documents often with full-screen, you can enjoy PDFs with smaller screens if needed.


The last show. This regular quarterly update, security gaps, has improvements to repair etaArazo.