Ha Long bay discovery on Calypso Cruises

    In these days, Halong bay discovery on Calypso Cruises is a great experience that many guests mentioned to. Time is ticking, now is almost the end of year when people celebrate Christmas Eve and New Year Eve, you accidentally realize that there is no relaxing trip until now. Why? The reasons are many but the main answers may include “I’m too busy, I have no money, I’m afraid of travelling alone” and so on. In order to help you make the right choice for the next vacation, a recommendation for you is a special tour in a very famous destination in Vietnam – Halong bay discovery on Calypso Cruise- a charming journey.


   Calypso Cruise – a charming journey.

     It is no doubt that Halong bay is a heaven in Vietnam with blue sky, emerald water and mountains all create a magnificient landscapes. Floating on this best Halong bay cruise, with the sea breezes, the sunshine and the tranquility around, you can release your soul in blue water and clouds with undulating mountains afar. Things continued just as smoothly for the days on cruise, as you glided away from the workaday world and into a dream realm of towering cliffs, gaping caves, lush growth sprouting from limestone peaks and hawks soaring on air currents above.

  calypso cruiser 23Why choosing Calypso Cruises?

   Calypso Cruise is considered as “the Goddess of sea” with “Glamour” and “Grandeur” characteristic. With many private spots in cruise like sundeck, prow of the ship, restaurant or even in your room with large glass window, you can stand there and have some day dreams in front of fairy scenery of Halong bay. Calypso’s itinerary is quite interesting; you can have chance visiting the largest and most beautiful cave in Halong bay, trying as a professional athlete in kayaking and rock climbing. You will cruise through Halong bay, Bai Tu calypso cruises 19Long bay and Lan Ha bay which are considered as the most beautiful bay area in the Northern Vietnam. You also can try to make some dishes guided by Calypso’s chef.

   It is very interested while relaxing on sundeck and sipping a cool cocktail with mint taste while watching the beautiful landscapes in open space around, all will bring the absolute relaxation for you. At night, you can choose to sing karaoke with friends or test yout patience with squid fishing, which only have calypso cruiser 10in overnight cruises in Halong bay.

Giving a kiss on sundeck at night with the witness of moonlight and twinkle stars above your head and the bright lights of cruises around, all the immense and romantic space is yours.

   All are wonderful things that you can feel and experience when choosing an overnight trip in one of best Halong bay cruises Calypso Cruise. Let’s travel now and enjoy it!