Halong Bay Weather in January

    HaLong bay weather in January is often a little cold and dry but also the busiest time of Halong bay travel because people go on Christmas and New Year holiday. During this month, the weather in HaLong bay is quite good with the average temperature at 17 Celsius degree which is ideal for outdoor activities without any exhaust from the sun.

    Halong Bay weather in January is quite predictable and mild because it’s during the dry season (the rainy season is from June to September). Travelling to HalongBay this time you don’t have to worry about the annual tropical storms which often attach Halong Bay during August to November. Especially, chilling out in one of luxury cruises in Halong bay – Calypso Cruises this time will be one of best experiences ever.

Halong long bay weather 001

HaLong weather in January.

  Travelling to HaLong in January, the end of winter, brings you many exciting experiences. Although the sunny period is quite short (only 3 hours in the total of 11 hours), Halong Bay has its own attractiveness. HaLong bay weather in January in particular and in winter in general creates a special beauty for Ha Long that will not happen in any other seasons. Being lovingly donated by the Natural Mother like a ‘special’ to compensate for limited green vegetation, in some winter days, HaLong bay is covered by thin fog which creates incredibly magical seascape. In the day time, fog moves slightly creating a very romantic setting. Visitors can stand on the sundeck of Calypso Cruise or climb up to the island to feel the beauty of HaLong in the fog. Fog is swooping down to the waterfront and sometimes tourists can see only the top of the limestone mountains, all things harmonized like a chiffon scarf. In the early morning mist of Ha Long, every islet looks very vague and subtle. You can take many beautiful photos of Ha Long winter at this time. Moreover, you also will have chances to watch the images, hear the simple sounds of people’s daily life in fishing villages at a winter day’s dawn. That could be very interesting!

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   The only thing you should concern about is that as a feature of Halong Bay weather in January, in very foggy days, sometimes Halong cruises might not be allowed to started journeys as normal. In this case, you should have alternative plans for changing schedule or looking for another place for you to stay overnight in Halong rather than onboard.

Finally, there are some tips for a good holiday against HaLong bay weather in January:

  • Bring a sweater or coat is a good idea to shield from the cold and occasional rain
  • Activities: swimming (but it may a little bit cold for someone), kayaking, taking photos (it may great beacause of great Ha Long bay landscape).
  • Finally, checking calendar for your Ha Long bay trip because in late January and in early February, Vietnamese Lunar New Year will happen and many cruises will stop running.